Handwriting Rescue Online Course

Discover how to write clearly and consistently with joined letters and no stress.

  • Great for learning cursive handwriting and correcting poor handwriting habits.
  • Encourages an automatic response to frequently used spelling choices.
  • 12 lessons
  • 84 Worksheets (downloadable pdf’s)

*Self-paced    *No subscription   *For ages 8 to 80

£60.00 for 1 year’s access
(Access to printer required for printing worksheets)

The Course

The course will take you from learning the letter formation of each cursive letter, to linking the letters and then on to developing an automatic response to writing familiar spelling patterns.

The letters are introduced in small family groups with similarities, and for obvious reasons, ‘b’ and ‘d’ are kept well apart!

The course has been designed to help you write clearly and consistently, so that as your skill and confidence grows, your individual cursive handwriting style will begin to shine through.

The Lessons

Letter Forms Used

All videos have English subtitles that can be accessed by clicking the CC button on the video.

Information on left and right handers, as well as unusual pen grips have been included.

Before buying you are encouraged to view the Copyright and Terms, Your Teacher and Course Developer and the two sample videos  all marked “Free” in the course modules below.

Copyright and Course Developer

Part One – The formation of cursive letters

Part Two – Useful spelling patterns to practise