Module 16


Module 16 by now pupils are into the fourth and final level of this very thorough literacy programme and mastering these particular spelling choices will be the icing on the cake, although Module 16 does provide a gentle introduction. The spelling choice ‘ir’ not only provides practise for the shorter more obvious words for the (er) phonic such as ‘bird’, but also the longer words found in groups of circle words and number words. Star Skill 77 gives the third spelling choice for the phonic (er) with the letters ‘ur’ and it’s suggested that ‘ur’ words are learnt on a Thursday or a Saturday! The spelling choice ‘eu’ is of Greek origin and never used at the end words. Fortunately, the list of words is short and can be learnt by heart. The letters ‘ew’ are taught as the fifth and final spelling choice for the long vowel sound (u) and they also provide the fourth choice for the phonic (oo). Finally, the anomaly of the letter ‘o’ making the short vowel sound ‘(u) as in won’ is established.

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