Module 20


Module 20 The spelling choice ‘ui’ is given now and taught that it is another one of French origin, making the two phonics (oo) as in ‘fruit’ and (i) as in ‘build’. In Star Skill 97 pupils are taught that ‘-ous’ as in ‘dangerous’ (us) is always in the final position and that all the words are adjectives. Any variations are when a suffix is added, as in ‘nervousness’. Star Skill 98 teaches irregular final syllables and the need to forget the magic ‘e’ rule! As if all that wasn’t enough, the spelling choice ‘ough’ is given with its six different possible phonics, although luckily there are only about twenty different words in this group that are in general use. Finally, all silent letter words are reinforced and taught together in small groups, even though they have been introduced throughout the MSL Literacy Programme as irregular words, as and when required.

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