MSL Association Card Packs


Reading and Spelling Association Cards digital download master.

These packs of cards have been designed to develop an automatic response to the printed word we see and the phonic we hear. This product includes clear instructions along with the digital masters.

The Reading Pack – 144 colour coded cards depicting the written symbol of all phonemes for reading, with clue words, an image and the correct phonic on the reverse side. It is recommended that consonants and consonant blends are printed on white card and vowels and vowel digraphs are printed on gold card.

The Spelling Pack – 71 different phonic cards with all possible spelling choices shown on the reverse side. The use of this pack provides an auditory stimulus which requires an oral, tactile and visual response from the pupil. This technique will increase the likelihood of making the correct spelling choice in the future. It is recommended that The Spelling Pack is also printed on a different coloured card from those in The Reading Pack.

Samples of Association Cards


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