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Handwriting Rescue Online Course

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Multi-sensory learning (MSL) is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of educational tools aimed at improving literacy, reading and handwriting skills with a specific toolkit for helping individuals with dyslexia. Our structured courses are designed to offer a systematic and engaging route to improving competency and confidence in these vital life skills regardless of age or background.

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you to save and print out whenever required. Our online courses also contain videos which can only be viewed as part of the course and cannot be downloaded or shared.

Reading and Literacy

Handwriting Resources

Cards and Games

The variety of resources included in your literacy programme has been invaluable in saving me precious time.

Many multi-sensory resources on the market are aimed at lower-age pupils. Yours are quite acceptable throughout the secondary school.

Mrs. Charnock, Halewood Community Comprehensive School, Liverpool

Tried and Tested

Each resource has been tried, tested & developed for over 20 years to create a systematic route to help learners achieve success. Our ‘Reading & Writing’ course comprises 20 modules covering every phonic and spelling choice in the English Language, whilst the ‘Handwriting Resources’ provide over 300 different exercises to introduce cursive handwriting, correct poor letter formation habits and re-enforce all-important literacy skills. Anyone choosing to download our Association Cards and Dyslexia Games manual can look forward to a fun, step by step guide designed to encourage active learning to help improve recall, establish a better understanding in the long-term memory and assist in developing both visual and auditory processing skills.

Memory Motivators I Visual & Auditory Recall I Literacy success

MSL has specialised in supplying structured, multi-sensory materials for learning support since 1994. Many schools, colleges, learning support centres, teachers, parents and dyslexic adults have come to us through recommendation. Click on the Details links for product information.